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St-Sauveur-Camprieu, CEVENNES, FRANCE

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The holiday residence, le Pont du Moulin, is located in the french town of St-Sauveur-Camprieu, on the border of the Cévennes and Causses national parks, in the Massif de l'Aigoual.

The region is famous for its natural site, the abyss of BRAMABIAU and its Lac du Bonheur


Located south of the Massif Central on the border between Gard and Lozère, Mont Aigoual rises to 1,567 meters. The view from the top of the mount, is breathtaking and scpectacular.

On a clear day, it is possible to observe the Mediterranean Sea, the Grands Causses, the massive peak of Mont Lozère to the north, the Cantal Mountains, the Pyrenees chain to the west, the Alps to the east, and everything within 300 kilometers radius. 

Le Mont Aigoual

It was on this mountain that the famous french forestery engineer Georges Fabre undertook in the 19th century the first major anti-erosive reforestation operation in France, he was helped by the botanist Charles Flahault to identify the tree species better suited for the different parts of the massif.

Fabre, created ten arboretums to seek the tree species adapted to the different parts of the massif, notably the arboretum of the “L’Hort de Dieu” or the arboretum of the “La Foux” (located in the town of Saint Sauveur Camprieu and easily recognised by the height of its trees. Thanks to the work of Fabre and Flahault, The Aigoual has become, an important tourist site. 

The Mont Aigoual’s Weather Station

The Mont Aigoual’s weather station was built in 1894 based on the original model of a "fortified castle".

The observatory was placed under the authority of the National Meteorological Office. It is currently the last mountain weather station in France that is inhabited all year round.

Visit the site, for breathtaking views, and walk in to the weather museum for a bit of the history of meteorology. 

Places to visit Nearby...


Tourist sites to visit not far from the residence”le Pont du Moulin” 

  • the abyss of Bramabiau
  • Mont Aigoual and its observatoire
  • The Prat Peyrot ski resort
  • the cave of Aven Armand
  • the Dargilan cave
  • the rocks of Nîmes le vieux
  • the Tarn and Jonte gorges
  • the vultures belvedere
  • the Noria, space of water
  • the Caussenarde farm of yesteryear

A bit further afield...


  • le chaos de Montpellier le vieux
  • Micropolis, The City of insects
  • le viaduc de Millau
  • Roquefort and its caves, cellars


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